Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bull Continuation Patterns

By Tothetick Education

This video is a summation of the process involved in identifying & then trading a Bullish Continuation pattern. The focus is on the opportunities offered from these patterns as a collective group. Note that all the individual patterns in this category are offered independently here on the website with their own video, text analysis, & chart example(s).

In addition this video is meant to be a starting tool for traders looking to learn how to identify and work bullish continuation price action using real chart data.

Chart patterns take time to form. The basics of doing any chart analysis are that we should know that history repeats itself.  Choosing an instrument & then studying the previous history & the process involved in creating a Trend offers traders opportunities & confidence while looking to trade live. For any trader, trading any instrument, it is highly recommended to do your due diligence & Focus attention on the price history of your chosen instrument.

Bullish Continuation patterns as a group offers many trades in any time frame using any instrument and in any market. Their versatility and repetition offers the focused trader many profitable opportunities. For this reason additional videos will be added periodically to this topic to assist traders in an on-going effort in 'putting it all together'.

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