Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Updated Results of Our Ninja Futures System

Equity Line Ninja Futures Big Version Last 10 Years

Ninja Futures System
Minimum Account Size $ 50K
Avg Trades Duration 6-7 Days
Used Markets
eMini S&P
eMini Russell
Crude Oil
Euro Fx

Ninja Futures is one of our best trading systems. In versions viewable at the links below, the system works with fixed and not optimized parameters on a limited number of Commodity and Equity Index, achieving a high diversification, low risk levels, robust and longevity results.  

To get info on how to use this and other our trading system write to tradingweek@coincollector.it

The results of the trading system versions viewed at the links below, they differ due to leverage a little different.  

The trading system may be signed also on Collective2 platform and Strategy Runner platform. Instructions are available at the following links. 

On Collective2 console Ninja Futures is inserted into the top places of the "C2 Score List," the ranking of the best trading systems of Collective2.
On Strategy Runner console Ninja Futures is inserted into the "Staff Pick", the ranking of top 25 trading systems of Strategy Runner. 

Go to the following links to to follow real time results and subscribe to the trading system


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