About Me
I am Michele Giardina, Portfolio Manager FSA Regulated, specialize in providing diversified investment portfolios through the analysis, implementation and management of computerized trading systems. Fifteen years of experience as prop trader and automated trading systems developer.

Our Mission 
Our mission is to generate significant capital growth independent of stock and bond markets and within a strict risk management rules. 

I work on all world Stock Markets, Commodities, Futures and Forex.

Our Philosophy
Generates significant medium term capital growth with simple and strict risk management rules with maximum possible diversification. This is is a factor that I consider essential for build combined portfolio strategies with low risk. The other key factor is to work with systematic and automated or semi-automated methods.

Our Management 
I trade live full time in real market conditions and look for trading opportunities based on the same trading principles and methodologies I have used to become so successful over the last 15 years.

Our Service
With my strategies I am able to provide a very personalized and diversified service. I offer a trading signals service on Stocks, Commodities and Indices for our Super Stocks and Super Commodity strategies. In addition I also provide automated trading in the customers managed accounts.

Our Strategies  
I trade all markets using a proprietary quantitative mathematical with a precise disciplined risk management model. I trade a trend following strategies, pattern recognition strategies, counter trend strategies, volatility breakout strategies, that looks for intraday and short term opportunities with high probability of success. There is a sophisticated method of entry, stop loss, and profit target strategies which are used to minimize exposure to risk as much as possible. The risk is controlled by implementing a risk management model overlay to all positions taken.

I can make available severel strategies working with fixed and not optimized parameters, diversified in many markets and many rules, for maximum possible diversification. On this blog you will find some examples of my strategies Super StocksSuper Commodity, Ninja and Survivor. On the page Portfolio Systems you can see how these trading systems can work together and their results. As you can see, the risk decreases and the results improved with greater diversification.

Our Work
I am available to estimate serious proposals of collaboration and I am open to a remote setup or moving locations for the right opportunity.

Our Motto
"Show me a trader with good records and i'll show you a good trader" Dr. Alexander Elder

“In business, words are words; explanations are explanations, promises are promises, but only performance is reality.” -Harold S. Geneen

 The desire for safety stands against every great and noble enterprise. ” — Tacitus

Historical Results


Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns. Operate with any financial instrument is safe, even higher if working on derivatives. Be sure to operate only with capital that you can lose. Past performance of the methods described on this blog do not constitute any guarantee for future earnings. The reader should be held responsible for the risks of their investments and for making use of the information contained in the pages of this blog. Coincollector should not be considered in any way responsible for any financial losses suffered by the user of the information contained on this blog.

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