Saturday, April 5, 2014

This Is The End!(?)

by Greg Harmon

4-4 #1

The Symposium was a great exchange of ideas. For the most part the Keynote speakers were all very bullish in the US market for the long haul. Quite a bit different than the the sentiment above. All but one had no idea about what was happening Friday either because they spoke Thursday, or early in the day or just did not care or both. One that did, John Murphy (yes that John Murphy of InterMarket Analysis) closed the conference speaking at 4:00 pm Friday, knew what was happening, addressed that we may see a short term pullback but was also bullish.

Just because these speakers are seasoned veterans and are bullish does not mean we cannot or will not see a pullback. or that they will not change their mind after looking at the situation this weekend. I doubt one more day will do that but who knows. Build a plan. Address the risks in it. And stick to it.

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