Friday, March 21, 2014

Control your risk with simple and winning rules to generate significant capital growth

Super Stocks Intestazione

We are happy to announce an interesting offer, a new service that will surely be of significant attention by all the experts.
We are now able to offer to a small number of selected investors the signal service or managed accounts service on the stocks of Dow Jones, using our Super Stocks strategy. Super Stocks is a clone of Super Commodity, works alike and with the same fixed and non-optimized parameters, obtaining very good results even on all the stock markets.
We offer free signal service for Super Stocks until the end of March, then we offer it just $ 49 for the entire month of April.

Please send me your email address so I can invite you on my server to do the demo. Mail me to take the offer and start the free service until the end of March
With our Super Stocks and Super Commodity strategies can operate on all markets with a simple, safe and reliable method, generating significant capital growth, with simple and strict trading rules and risk management rules.
Super Stocks and Commodity strategies wants to be a solid reference point for all those investors which want to approach all markets world with a robust tool with low risk levels.
This strategies works automatically searching for specific patterns around markets, those highly profitable patterns with a good success percentage. These graphic formations demonstrated during the years to be turning points in robust and reliable manner. Super Stocks and Commodity were born in order to use these points as very good launch points for its trades.
Super Stocks and Commodity must be considered a pattern recognition systems which searches graphic formations with preselected features. The strategies uses six different patterns which determine particular rules the systems uses to manage trades.

Super Commodity Intestazione

These strategies have the undeniable advantage to sell the highs and buy the lows. In fact, they look for the turning points of the market at the end of the waves, taking the highs and lows as stop loss. In this way, when the set-up is correct, we often see the price run in favor of the trade, reaching very often and very quickly the profit target.
Patterns acronyms are T1, T2, T3, T4, D1 and TR. These determine particular rules the strategy uses to manage trades. The pattern set-up is made ​​after the markets close and any new signals are used in the next market session.

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