Monday, September 15, 2014

Warnings From Deutsche Bank

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deutsche bank

There is plenty of uncertainty in the world at the moment. Turning on the television is enough to get flooded with disasters and conflicts that are impacting our societies right now. These conflicts also make sure that an increasing amount of policy makers are getting worried and the International Monetary Funds recently underlined that the global economy is under pressure.

It is definitely also important as an ianvestor to know what kind of news influences the markets. It is clear that investors are mostly focused on the words and deeds of the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank at the moment, since both central banks hold the power to change the future on the markets.

A Warning From Deutsche Bank

deutshe bank risks

On the chart above you can see a number of risks and how big the risk actually is. One of the things that jumps out is that the risk of another crisis in Europe is quite high. Deutsche bank believes in other words that the ECB, under the leadership of Mario Draghi, will not be able to help the European economy. Next to that, Deutsche Bank also is worried about a sell-off on the markets.

Policy makers at Deutsche Bank are still taking into account a potential rough landing for the Chinese economy and all the geopolitical tension that is going on around the world. It is clear that these risks are not great for the bulls and the question is how long they can hold the bears back from a comeback.

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