Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Stock Market - Is Something Nasty About to Happen?

By: Anthony_Cherniawski

This morning’s rally fell short of its targets. This afternoon the SPX almost fell out of bed, but rallied in nine waves (impulsive) into the final hour to close beneath this morning’s highs. Folks, this has the look of a running correction, where sub-Minute Wave (c) is the shortest wave in the correction. If so, we may see the bottom fall out of the market overnight.

Could it be information that Brennan brought back from his “secret” meeting in Kiev this weekend? Who knows?

The VIX made a near-perfect inverted flat correction. Even here, Wave (c) was the shortest wave.

This is more than just a little spooky. The problem is that all of the Wave(c)’s appear complete.

Gold appears to have completed its correction and is ready to resume its decline. Tomorrow is a Trading Cycle pivot.

CRB and Crude are in similar circumstances.

Today is day 215 (43 * 5) in the Master Cycle for USB. This leaves 43 days to decline into its Master Cycle low.

UST is also ready to take the plunge.

In summary, this is one of those moments where I can truly say, “There is nowhere to hide.”

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