Monday, March 17, 2014

Control your risk with simple and winning rules


With our Super Commodity strategies can operate on all commodities markets with a simple, safe and reliable method, generating significant capital growth, with simple and strict trading rules and risk management rules.
Our Super Commodity Trading Signal Service takes + 269.35 % from 1 January 2009 to 31 January 2014!



Super commodity System wants to be a solid reference point for all those investors which want to approach the commodities markets world with a robust tool with low risk levels.
This strategy works automatically searching for specific patterns around markets, those highly profitable patterns with a good success percentage. These graphic formations demonstrated during the years to be turning points in robust and reliable manner. Super Commodity was born in order to use these points as very good launch points for its trades.
Super Commodity must be considered a pattern recognition system which searches graphic formations with preselected features. The system uses six different patterns which determine particular rules the system uses to manage trades.

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Minimum Account Size $ 100K

Historical Drawdon $ 25K

RisK Per Trade $ 2500/contract

Our company receives a limited power of attorney on an account that the client opens with the broker Berkeley Futures ( or Interactive Brokers (



Minimum Account Size $ 100K

Historical Drawdon $ 25K

Max RisK Per Trade $ 2500/contract

We pleased to offer to ours readers the opportunity to test and evaluate for free for 30 days the full version of Super Commodity system. The signals service with all trading signals will be sent by email at the end of day, around 6:00pm Eastern time, and in case again in the next day to intraday updates, through a daily report like this and this. In addition, customers may view at any time the trading signals also on a special page through secure internet access.

After the free trial period, the service will continue to pay a monthly $ 395.00 fee. To activate the service, use the free trial period and receive daily updates please contact me

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Material in this post does not constitute investment advice or a recommendation and do not constitute solicitation to public savings. Operate with any financial instrument is safe, even higher if working on derivatives. Be sure to operate only with capital that you can lose. Past performance of the methods described on this blog do not constitute any guarantee for future earnings. The reader should be held responsible for the risks of their investments and for making use of the information contained in the pages of this blog. Trading Weeks should not be considered in any way responsible for any financial losses suffered by the user of the information contained on this blog.

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