Monday, July 8, 2013

The Inflation Trades Are Your Friend

By: David_Banister

Ignore the pundits and pay attention to the action and what you see around you. Last time I walked down the cereal aisle I thought maybe I needed glasses, but no… the boxes keep shrinking. That’s inflation as seen in food being priced in via smaller servings at the same or higher prices. Gold has likely put in a massive cyclical bottom in the 1180′s with 1156 the likely support now for any further pullback and analysts continue to downgrade the better Gold miners right near the cycle bottom.

Copper has also bottomed in my opinion near $3 and will continue higher than most think as its cycle works back to the north. Coal stocks are looking like massive bottoms if you take a look at WLT, ANR, BTU and others. Freeport Mc-Moran is probably in the process of a bottom near $27 per share as well for another Oil-Gold sample.

Chips stocks remain strong as well and solar pricing is improving for the solar producers… all signs of stronger economies soon to emerge and inflation coming back into play.

Fortune will favor the Bold

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